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Our Core Values

We, at DNT, value personal and professional quality, and integrity; we believe in customer service, leadership, and eagerness to face technical challenges. We are committed to teamwork. Accountability to customers and stakeholders is the essence of our daily labor, and our perception of professionalism. Ever since we were established, all our actions have been aligned with our system of values. Our collective belief in these values has guided all our decisions as a company; we actually consider them as the reason for our excellent reputation, and the foundation of our success in the past, as well as in the future. DNT offers a differentiation strategy to customers from various sectors of the economy, ensuring that through the process they gain the most highly customized solution. Implementing the latest technologies, improving our customization practices, and heralding new eras of regional development and global interconnectedness remain an open challenge for us, the DNT generation Read more

Quality Statement

DNT is determined to comprehensively provide and continually improve solution, product and service excellence in order to meet the most demanding requirements and exceed customer expectations. By enabling customers to achieve and maintain the functionality, quality, and performance that their own quality policies dictate, we are committed to offer premium service, recording our performance as measurement basis for future quality planning and continual improvement. DNT continued success hinges on timely identification of, and attentive concentration on, the rapidly changing, industry specific, customer requirements. Maintaining a consistent, yet versatile system of technological capabilities, and best-in-industry practices, we equate customer satisfaction with business revenue and company success. Our pledge is to permanently meet statutory and regulatory requirements, ensure legal compliance, and attest that national and international standards’ requirements are fulfilled. Read more

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