Data Center Solutions

Information Technology is nowadays of primary importance to core business processes; this is the reason For which Data Centers play a critical role in the overall success of companies and organizations. The main purpose of a Data Center is to run all the applications that handle a company’s core business and operational data. A Data Center may be concerned with just operations architecture or it may provide other services as well, notably off site backup and disaster recovery.
Data Centers must therefore demonstrate operational excellence in terms of system availability, asset utilization, security, and power/cooling efficiency. Furthermore, Data Centers must also support new, extrinsic necessities, including business-to-business relationships, related regulatory requirements, and a global operating environment. Last but not least, Data Centers must be able to adapt quickly and effortlessly to inevitable change.

To comprehensively meet the incessantly increasing customer needs, DNT Data Center Solutions evolve around following axes:

• Data Center Consulting
• Data Center Design & Engineering
• Data Center Project Management
• Data Center Construction
• Data Center Infrastructure
• Data Center Monitoring & Control
• Data Center Operations & Maintenance

Empowered with strong global partnerships, we deliver a wide range of project expertise in storage area networks (SANs). The ensuing result is a permanently available, greatly scalable, fully redundant, easily manageable and maintainable, fault-tolerant Data Center environment.

In today’s highly competitive markets where customers measure network downtime in lost profits, our project design, implementation, commissioning, and maintenance ensure the following mission critical parameters:

• Data Center efficiency
• Data Center security (data protected when at rest, and while transported)
• Business continuance (instantaneous access to data from multiple tiers)
• Virtualization (ability to provision the storage infrastructure)
• Infrastructure consolidation (highly scalable, intelligent SAN platforms)
• Data mobility (seamless, non-disruptive migration strategy)