Fiber Optic Solutions



Fiber Optic Networks

DNT designs, installs and commissions high quality cost-effective fiber optic solutions. Acclaimed for solid, reliable and innovative products, we deliver customizable solutions geared to perform even in harsh and demanding operating environments.

We use single-mode (SM) fibers in applications where low signal loss and high data rates are required, such as on long spans where the repeater/amplifier spacing needs to be maximized. On the other hand, we use multimode (MM) fiber for shorter distance applications. As MM fiber is more economical because it can be used with inexpensive connectors and LED transmitters, it is the ideal choice for short distance, lower bandwidth applications.

Fiber Optic Assembly Laboratory

DNT operates a well-established fiber optic laboratory that is certified by our fluke networks produce customized fiber optic patch cords and pigtails beyond standard length options. Due to our history and expertise in fiber optics, we ensure that the end product has low attenuation over a wide wavelength range.