DNT adopts astructured, customer–centric, business approach to addressing your network infrastructure needs on both passive and active levels, thus delivering a complete networking solution. We support our customers by providing conceptual design, implementation, integration and management of highly efficient platforms and communication technologies

DNT, Structured Cabling & Passive LAN Solutions

Structured cabling systems (SCS) are the backbone of all voice & data technologies selected to meet customer communications requirements; they are geared to integrate voice, data, video, and building management systems, such as safety alarms and security access.

DNT SCS consist of an open architecture, standardized media and layout, standard connection interfaces, and total system design and installation. DNT solutions adhere to national and international standards. DNT  SCS are a complete, organized arrangement of high quality cables and associated hardware. We provide customers with a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure able to distribute services throughout the building, providing reliable voice and data communications for business applications.

We deliver an all-inclusive range of cables, accessories and components, ensuring complete solution design and installation.