Human resources and attendance system

Efficient and effective management of "Human Capital" has progressed to an increasingly imperative and complex process.The HR function  consists of  tracking existing employee data which traditionally includes personal histories,skills, capabilities,accomplishments and salary. DNT-HR System helps you to reduce the manual work load of these administrative activities,were your organizations will be able to electronically automate many of these processes.

System Features:

Timely  Reporting: The  tangible  benefits  of  having  a  computerized  information system are summarized in one simple word named - Reports -. We all invest money and resources in the information system to obtain those: Accurate and exact reports in rapid and timely based manner.
User Friendly layout: all the screens are designed to meet the objective of easy and user friendly layout.

Unified Methodology: The  data  entry  practice  is  standardized  all  over  all  the system. The user will find the same key functions and the same help technique in all the screens, which helps in speeding up the process of training and familiarity with the
Collect:  Using  the  advantages  of  the  latest  technologies,  faster  and  more accurate time and attendance data collection is ensured.
Classify: Classifying the working hours into regular and overtime, over time is also classified into predefined brackets, in addition to managing complex schedules, enforcing  attendance  policies,  tracking  time-off  balances  and  automate  overtime
Communicate: Allowing seamless exchange of time and attendance data with existing Human Resource and third party software systems.
Cost: Accurately calculates gross payroll in the most complex environments.
Compare: Real-time analytical insight gained into the productivity and performance of the entire enterprise.
Correct: Continuously measures workforce productivity for constant improvements.
Mailing Capabilities: Sending  &  Receiving  Employee  Information  (Salary  Slip, Vacation Balance …etc.) by mail.
Reporting Capabilities: Various operational & statistical reports.

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